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When parents and guardians get fired up on issues from drunk driving to gun control to trans rights, there are no more powerful advocates for change. That same Parent Power can drive climate policy and create a sustainable future for our kids. The first step is starting the conversation.

As caregivers, we’re stuck in this Catch-22: deeply invested in protecting our children’s rights to a livable planet but so slammed with the demands of raising kids it’s hard to find the time or energy to act. That’s where The Parents’ Climate Community comes in. We are a volunteer group of Austin-area caregivers and allies supporting each other to take action on the climate crisis.

To engage Austin parents, families, and allies in doable, meaningful action on climate change

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Our Purpose


We empower parents to recognize they have the tools to speak out for our kids’ well-being and that their perspective is valuable to the climate movement.


We model and involve our kids in environmental learning and civic action, and we act in solidarity with youth climate activists.


We connect caregivers with local environmental non-profits and climate initiatives around Austin.


Our Team

Founder & Board Chair Eileen McGinnis launched The Parents’ Climate Community in July 2019.

Our Board includes Denise Kleinman (Director), Lizett Sanchez (Treasurer), Zephyr Stone (Secretary), and Olya Sukhopar (Director).

We also benefit from the expertise of an amazing pro bono support team: Lavanya Selvam Alli (Consultant), Meg Mattingly (Climate & Mental Health), Mikki Prescott (Web Design), Ashley Thurman (Legal Aid), and Dr. Lesa Walker (Strategic Advisor). Maya Thukar serves as Special Projects Coordinator.

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There’s room for everyone in the climate movement. You don’t have to contort yourself into a role that feels awkward or uncomfortable. Simply start where you are, with your own particular skill set, passions, and relationships. Listen to Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson talk more about How to Find Joy in Climate Action. What’s your climate superpower?

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