What We Do

Several parents and kids wearing construction hats and vests with signs like "Highways are a Dead End" and "Stop, I Breathe Here"

Partner with Grassroots Groups on Local Climate Issues

Currently, our advocacy focus is on halting the proposed expansion of I-35 through Austin and inviting the study of alternatives. Collaborating with Rethink35, we are bringing kids’ public health and rights to the center of the debate. Our goal is to increase awareness of how this infrastructure project impacts youth, from the higher rates of respiratory illness in children living near major roadways to the physical and emotional tolls of climate inaction.

woman holding child sunset wind turbines

Foster Intergenerational Climate Conversations

We lead workshops for caregivers, teachers, and therapists on how to have climate conversations with kids and teens. Given the rise of eco-anxiety among young people, we believe that kids need to feel able to express their concerns to adults. Similarly, we adults benefit when we pay attention to the emotions we are feeling around the climate crisis.

adults children bikes under tree park

Connect Families to Local Environmental Non-Profits

From practicing bike skills with Ghisallo Cycling Initiative to digging in the dirt with Ecology Action, our events create family memories while introducing our members to local nonprofits that they can support and encouraging behavior shifts that they can make year-round.

adults smiling children eating icecream playground

Invite New Caregivers into the Climate Movement

Our informal, family-friendly happy hours and ice cream socials allow new members to converse, connect and de-stress with like-minded adults. Check out our upcoming events to learn about the next social.

girl holding handwritten signs kids first

Support the Global Climate Movement

The PCC is a member of Our Kids’ Climate, an international network of caregiver-led climate organizations. We participate in some of their global actions that amplify caregiver and youth voices. Want a low-stakes way to add your voice to caregivers worldwide? Join us in calling for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty.

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