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“This infrastructure is for (young people). Whatever happens, they’re going to be the ones that live with it for the rest of their lives.” – Rethink35 Founder Adam Greenfield in “The Future of I-35”

This spring, The Parents’ Climate Community created our first documentary film! You can now watch “The Future of I-35: Youth and Caregiver Voices” on our YouTube channel.

A male teacher hugging a smiling student in a classroom.
A film still from “The Future of I-35” featuring interviewee Jaime Cano, assistant director at Escuelita del Alma.

We created this short film to spotlight youth and caregiver perspectives on the proposed 20-lane expansion of I-35 through Austin. The I-35 debate has largely ignored the expansion’s potential impact on children’s respiratory health and young people’s right to a livable climate.

Now, we need your support to get this short film in front of as many Austinites and local decision-makers as possible! Take action in 3 easy steps:

Young woman wearing headphones and smiling in a small office while facing a camera mounted on a tripod.
Videographer Hannah Moore testing equipment in the office at Escuelita del Alma, a childcare business that will be displaced by the highway expansion.

We need to act now: the Texas Department of Transportation wants to move forward with construction as early as next year. Let’s listen to the voices of young people and caregivers before committing time and expense to a 20-lane highway that will worsen kids’ respiratory health and jeopardize their climate future.

Crowd of people socializing in a space with folding chairs set up.
Guests at our June 6th film premiere, co-hosted with Rethink35 at West China Tea House.

A huge thanks to our videographer Hannah Moore for sharing her talents, as well as to the Urban Movement Innovation Fund, which awarded us a micro-grant to fund the film through Our Kids’ Climate. PCC Board member Denise Kleinman supported on the grant proposal and management, while PCC Board member Lizett Sanchez and Publicity & Media Intern Maya helped with translation and captioning.

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