PARENT RESOURCE: Water Awareness with Kids

While our region’s water issues need big-picture solutions, kids and families still have a role to play in cultivating awareness, conserving water at home, cleaning up our creeks, and advocating for change.

Below are 4 ways to dive into water topics with kids, any time of year.

Appreciate: Start by giving water some love! Helping your kids to recognize the role that water plays in their everyday lives can motivate them to value and protect it.

Have your child write a love letter to a body of water. Then, submit it online or send a postcard to be included on this global map!

Bonus points if you pair this activity with an excursion to a nearby waterway for inspiration and splashing.

water challenge 3 1.jpg
Water challenge

Observe: This fun, hands-on water challenge (scroll down for instructions) will drive home the message about how much water your household uses daily and spark discussion about how to conserve.

Pledge: Make a commitment as a family to conserve water. Allow kids to lead this activity.

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Volunteering at the annual Lake Travis Clean-up

Connect: Here are just a few local organizations that offer family-friendly volunteer days: Austin Water Wildland Conservation, Save Barton Creek Association, and Shoal Creek Conservancy.

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