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Give monthly to nurture family-centered climate action in ATX.

The Parents’ Climate Community is founded on the idea of mutual support. We believe that in order to raise thriving kids and fight for a livable climate, we must address our own need for connection while parenting in a climate crisis. We can’t do this alone.

When you join the Circle of Sustainers, our new monthly-giving program, you are nurturing our organization so that we can provide reliable, ongoing care to our members. Your steady support matters. It allows us to provide caregiver resources, family service opportunities, local advocacy tools, and mental-health support to ATX parents and families around our changing climate. Month after month.

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Benefits of Membership

Acting to protect our kids’ climate also nurtures ourselves. When we started the PCC five years ago, we felt worried and alone. We soon realized that talking about and acting on climate has also fed our own need for connection and purpose, key pillars of personal happiness and growth. 

Our Circle of Sustainers receives quarterly updates on how their dollars are making an impact.

Sustainers and their families are also invited to an annual social to celebrate their deep commitment to local, family-centered climate action.


Our Team

According to a recent Potential Energy climate communications study, “protecting the next generation” is the single most powerful message driving climate action today. It shows that caregiver-led climate groups like The Parents’ Climate Community have a crucial role to play in moving climate action forward.
Your monthly support nourishes us so we can nurture intergenerational action on climate.
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