Meet Our Media Intern: Hannah Moore

This Spring, our team is joined by media intern and videographer Hannah Moore. A graduate of the Film & Digital Media program at Baylor, Hannah is creating a short film project to highlight caregiver voices on the I-35 expansion. Her work for The Parents’ Climate Community is made possible by an Our Kids’ Climate micro-grant to support parent-led climate organizations worldwide.

Learn more below about how Hannah’s formative years in Singapore ignited a lifelong passion for film.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born in the states but moved to Singapore when I was 7 years old. I lived there until I graduated high school, so I definitely consider it home. Living overseas sparked my love for travel and experiencing other cultures, which in part fueled my interest in film and digital media. What began as making little travel videos turned into a college degree!

What drew you to documentary film in particular?

I’ve always loved watching documentaries. There’s something special about knowing that what you’re looking at on-screen is real life and not made up in a writer’s room somewhere. Documentaries allow for people’s stories to be told and known, some of which might have never been shared if it weren’t for this captivating visual medium. 

What role do you think the arts, especially film, can play in the climate movement and other social-justice movements? 

Film has an extremely high impact on our society. It shapes culture and sparks conversation, so what we make and show to the world is important. In this way, people can make videos about climate and social justice movements to spread the word and bring attention to real problems that people may not know about.

As a busy full-time venue manager and freelance filmmaker, what do you do to take care of yourself or unwind around Austin?

When I’m not working, I love hammocking on my balcony with a good book and chai. I’ve also only been in Austin for 7 months, so I enjoy exploring the area and finding new restaurants or coffee shops to go to.

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