Helping Kids (and Adults!) Process Climate Feelings

At our monthly member calls, we take just 30 minutes during a lunch or coffee break to connect with each other, update you on PCC activities, and dedicate time to a specific climate or mental-health topic. Join us this Friday, September 29th at noon for our next member call, where we’ll speak with Clay Anderson of Restart LSRD about how parents can shape the future of sustainable transportation in Texas.

Last month’s theme centered on back-to-school transitions amidst the stress of the summer’s severe weather events, including the stubborn heat dome over Texas. We had an opportunity to neutralize that stress by learning simple EFT Tapping methods with PCC Board Member Denise Kleinman. Members expressed appreciation to have a forum to talk about the climate crisis when it’s considered taboo to mention in many social circles.  

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Denise also shared the children’s book, All The Feelings Under Sun, which is a great read for parents and school-aged kids to discuss not only the facts of climate change but kids’ feelings about it.

The book includes calming tools and grounding techniques like the Butterfly Tap, which Denise demonstrated, as well as activities such as journal prompts and art projects to help kids process their thoughts and experiences. It’s highly recommended that caregivers discuss this book with their children, particularly if some concepts may be new or scary. You can find a copy at the Austin Public Library or order through a local bookstore.

For more information on EFT techniques, see Denise’s climate resilience post with tap-along video or her Mental Health Reset videos for parents and kids.

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