Guest Post: Act for Clean Air

Just in time for Air Quality Awareness Week (May 6-10), a guest post from Girl Scout Troop #1387!

Below, hear from Troop #1387, in their own words, about their process to monitor air pollution at a local school and their recommendations for improving local air quality during school drop-off and pick-up. Interested in installing a Purple Air Monitor at your school? Learn more at Air Central Texas.

We are Girl Scout Troop #1387. Our troop leader encouraged us to start focusing on the air pollution at Ridgetop Elementary School. This helps us in general because it increases our awareness and helps us to learn how to approach air pollution in the future.  We helped install an air monitor at Ridgetop. You can see the results here:

Based on the data, the peak time of polluted air was between 7-8 am and between 5 pm and 6 pm as well. Some suggestions we have that can help reduce pollution in the air during those times are:

1.        Reduce idling. Turn off your car if you are waiting.

2.        Consider biking or walking to school.

3.        Encourage carpooling.

4.        Consider electric vehicles which don’t pollute. 

We hope we can inspire our community to lower pollution and make the air better to breathe for everyone. 

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