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We are a group of Austin caregivers and allies supporting each other to take doable, meaningful actions on climate change.

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Elmo and Kermit stuffies seated in a chair. Elmo holds a sign that reads "Caution: Extinction Ahead." Kermit holds a sign that reads "Stop Expanding I-35 in the Name of Love."

How to Make a Protest Sign / Pasos Para Hacer un Cartel de Protesta

Wanna make a protest sign with your child for the Nov. 5th rally?  Here are …
Yard sign that reads more lanes equals more traffic in a front yard with kids' toys like a soccer ball and toy truck in the background.

How to Attend the Largest Freeway Rally in TX History (with Kids)

“When people think about a highway, children are not the first thing that pops up …
A male teacher hugging a smiling student in a classroom.

Helping Kids (and Adults!) Process Climate Feelings

At our monthly member calls, we take just 30 minutes during a lunch or coffee …